What is Egyptian Initiatives?

Egyptian Initiatives is an independent, non-political, non-religious, and non-profit online awareness platform aiming for selecting and highlighting all the valuable initiatives within the Egyptian Society that contribute to making Egypt a better place. We believe in the power of the Egyptian people, independent of the government, independent of any political or religious groups, and independent of any constrains. We believe that we together, as Egyptians, can actively contribute on daily basis to making our society, our lives, and the lives of others continuously better.

The Egyptian society is facing serious problems such as poverty, hunger and polution among many others. We believe that with proper awareness and the contribution and the active participation of the people, we can actively find solutions to such problems, and this is where this platform comes to play an important role. Egyptianinitiatives.com will act as an awareness and communication channel promoting different important initiatives/organizations under one roof, capitalizing on the power of the internet and social media as a medium, to encourage active participation and also to foster the birth of new valuable initiatives. In the future we plan on providing this platform as a collaboration platform between the different initiatives, organizations, individuals, and corporate sponsors to plan and organize nation-wide projects tackling problems on a massive scale, providing a sort of non-governmental social security/solidarity (تكافل اجتماعي).

For detailed information please click here: http://www.egyptianinitiatives.com/blog/2010/02/the-concept/

Draw A Smile

“Draw a Smile” For a Child

Even a Smile is Charity. Who are we: Young professionals and students based in the UK looking to help orphanages in Developing Countries, starting with an orphanage in Egypt. We aim to 'Draw a Smile' on the face of every orphan that we support. Through collaborative fundraising we look to nurture their personal growth, and encourage their self confidence, for a future filled with smiles. 'Draw a Smile' has been recently founded by a group of young professionals and students in London. We're looking to help Orphanages in Developing Countries, starting with Egypt.

Partly as we have the appropriate facilities on the ground to make sure our money actually gets there and makes a difference! Secondly, in countries like Egypt, the most striking thing is the sheer number of homeless children on the streets. We have all witnessed how orphans are really neglected there and its our duty as Muslims to look out for them and do everything we can. For more information please visit www.drawasmile.org.uk

To kindly donate please send a 'personal' payment to: [email protected]

Established in 2009 by members of the British community, a team of committed youth wanted to make a positive and practical difference to the life of orphans. The key aim is to raise money for orphans that are less fortunate than ourselves, to help lead them to a brighter future. You also can help make a difference and go that extra mile for an orphan's pure and innocent smile.

How we do this?


  • Draw A Smile Launch Event
  • Carboot Sales
  • Football Tournaments
  • Sell your books!
  • Money collections
  • Charity Dinners
  • Auctions
  • Contributing in community projects


  • Marathon/walks
  • Zorbing
  • Parachuting
  • Bungee jumping
  • Mountain climbing

Contact Information

Official Website

Facebook Group

Email: [email protected]
Address: Draw a Smile PO Box 55987 London W11 9BH

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We do not endorse any political or religious initiatives, since those initiatives tend to cause a lot of dispute, and we are trying to bring our society together for the greater good of our people.

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The website is still under construction, and we will be adding more features to it very soon allowing for an even more active participation from everyone!

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