What is Egyptian Initiatives?

Egyptian Initiatives is an independent, non-political, non-religious, and non-profit online awareness platform aiming for selecting and highlighting all the valuable initiatives within the Egyptian Society that contribute to making Egypt a better place. We believe in the power of the Egyptian people, independent of the government, independent of any political or religious groups, and independent of any constrains. We believe that we together, as Egyptians, can actively contribute on daily basis to making our society, our lives, and the lives of others continuously better.

The Egyptian society is facing serious problems such as poverty, hunger and polution among many others. We believe that with proper awareness and the contribution and the active participation of the people, we can actively find solutions to such problems, and this is where this platform comes to play an important role. Egyptianinitiatives.com will act as an awareness and communication channel promoting different important initiatives/organizations under one roof, capitalizing on the power of the internet and social media as a medium, to encourage active participation and also to foster the birth of new valuable initiatives. In the future we plan on providing this platform as a collaboration platform between the different initiatives, organizations, individuals, and corporate sponsors to plan and organize nation-wide projects tackling problems on a massive scale, providing a sort of non-governmental social security/solidarity (تكافل اجتماعي).

For detailed information please click here: http://www.egyptianinitiatives.com/blog/2010/02/the-concept/

Latest News

New Initiative Added: EcoOptionsEgypt

Eco Options Egypt is Egypt’s first online website about the environmentally friendly lifestyle options available in Egypt.

It aims at giving exposure to all things environment in Egypt. We believe that the exposed materials will act as tools to enable Egyptians to become more environmentally friendly in their daily activities and ultimately, their way of life.

The options, or tools, will be identified and presented in the form of articles, galleries, polls and much more. We want to promote a behavioral change that can be easily achieved through the Options we present, and to instill environmental ethics in Egyptians to be part of the global trend towards environmental protection.


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Egyptian Food Bank

Egyptian Food BankEFB is a charitable entity aimed at the supply and delivery of food to orphans, elders, widows, needy families and persons incapable of work or profit. EFB is sponsored by a number of private sector companies, in collaboration with volunteer individuals. The EFB idea is set on accepting monetary and material donations as well as unused or extra foods, through collection from different entities, companies, organizations or individuals and making use of it by offering healthy meals on periodical schedules to the true needy.


Keep Egypt Clean

Keep Egypt CleanWhat we want to do is start a "Green Revolution" in Egypt. We want to make people environmentally aware of their surroundings, make this country a better experience, not just for the people living here, but also for the millions of tourists that come here every year. We are always looking for people to help, give us ideas, or even just a simple encouraging comment to motivate us. So, whatever you choose to do, thank you for supporting us.


Stop Sexual Harassment in Egypt

Stop Sexual Harassment in EgyptA group against Sexual Harassment in Egypt! If we can stop it in Egypt we can definitely stop it ANYWHERE! Please contribute with your Ideas, Personal Stories, experiences and anything that you think could bring about change..it really is about time we take some action..the more we ignore this problem the more it manifests! This group will also try to provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about the situation in Egypt as per the Egyptian Center for Women Rights (ECWR) and messages will be sent as to how you can help and events of the campaign against sexual harassment in Egypt


Egypt Carpoolers

Egypt CarpoolersEgyptcarpoolers.com is designed to simply help people share rides in and around Cairo. It is basic: there is a list of people who can offer rides and there is a list of people who are looking for rides and the site automatically matches similar rides together. Pretty simple! Listings can be one-time or recurring (i.e., every Thursday of the week or every weekday at 7am). There are lots of benefits to carpooling like: saving money (gas, maintenance, car depreciation), reducing traffic and accordingly less time to get to your destination, less driving related stress, less parking problems, and saving the environment by reducing carbon emissions.


  • Egyptian Food Bank
  • Keep Egypt Clean
  • Stop Sexual Harrasment
  • Egypt Carpoolers

Recent Blog Posts

February 19, 2010
A Word to the Youth – كلام للشباب

English Translation Below أولاً اعذروني لو في غلطات إملائية أو نحوية فاللي أنا هكتبه ده. أنا هاتكلم بالمصري البسيط عشان كلامي يبقى واضح وصريح و أنا مش هافتي و أقول اني خبير في اللغة العربية . أنا النهاردة كلامي موجه للشباب.. اشمعنى للشباب؟ عشان أي حد متابع مصر في الكام سنة إلي فاتو دول عارف [...]

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How Can I Participate?

It is very easy! Participate by checking out the initiatives listed below and start taking action in your everyday life! Awareness is also an important factor in the success of this platform, so spread the word, tell your friends, post a link to the website on your facebook profile, add a link to your website, or just tweet about it! Spread the word!

If you feel like you can help us in any way to make this platform reach its goals, then please get in touch with us! We welcome everyone's contribution and we would love to have a few volunteers on board.

And most importantly, check out the initiatives, learn something new, and implement in your daily life!



EgyptianInitiatives.com is not in charge of collecting donations for the selected initiatives/organizations. If you wish to support any of the initiatives/organizations/events whether financially or in any way or form, please contact the person in charge directly by going to their respective website, Facebook group, or Facebook page.

In the future we will offer a more convenient system where sponsors/donors can browse through the initiatives, get more details on their activities or events, and view their contact information. We will also allow the initiatives/organizations to put down a list of things they need, so sponsors/donors would be able to see what is being asked. This system should allow for a more efficient and precise sponsorship/donations process.

Submit an Initiative

Simply send us an e-mail with a description of your organization or initiative:

[email protected]

We do not endorse any political or religious initiatives, since those initiatives tend to cause a lot of dispute, and we are trying to bring our society together for the greater good of our people.

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If you are a blogger and you believe in the cause of this platform, post about it in your blog and let your readers know about it.

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