One KidsFfest mission is to provide

One KidsFfest mission is to provide the opportunity for children to watch children’s films of international cinema and is expected to inspire the emergence of discussion about cultural diversity. To achieve this mission, KidsFfest apply minimum age recommendation system that is suitable for watching movies in question. “This must be done because of cultural differences and emotional development of children Indonesia with a country which produced the film in question. So we do not follow the recommendation given the age of the film producer. Recommendations of our age is 4+, 6+, 8+, 10+ and 12+. However, films for children 4 years of age is limited. This age recommendation system still need to be socialized, because sometimes parents are not concerned with this system, but the system is carried out to adjust the development of their children. This system is commonly used in the film festival international children, “added Adella.

Not only that, all foreign films shown will be screened with subtitles in Indonesian that are specially made for KidsFfest. As for films with 4+ age recommendation, KidsFfest add Melimelo system which is a kind of voice that carried over movies download directly because most children 4 years of age can not read yet.Sheila Timothy, a producer of Lifelike Pictures may be synonymous with film director Joko Anwar. Lala, as she was called, entered the film industry in Indonesia since becoming a producer Forbidden Door. This debut is a pride in the Rotterdam Film Festival and the International Puchon Fantastic Film Festival in 2009. His latest film, Anomaly mode still carried along Joko Anwar. Thriller is already facing an international audience at the SXSW (South by Southwest) Festival, Texas 12 March. In this second film, Lala back role as a producer and passing hype built since its premiere at SXSW. Lala is not just facing an international audience but also candidates for local audiences anomaly mode.


Film Openerimages (4)

Blue Sky (Indonesia)

Closing Film

Lionel (Switzerland)

Competition Film

Fuchsia the Mini-Witch (Netherlands)

Garuda in my chest 2 (Indonesia)

Karla and Jonas (Denmark)

The Liverpool Goalie (Norway)

Tomorrow Will Be Better (Poland)

Film Program

Chibi Maruko Chan (Japan)

As high ideals Citaku Land (Indonesia)

Lapislazuli – In the Eye of the Bear (Austria)

The Universe Supports (Indonesia)

The Azemichi Road (Japan)

The Wild Soccer Bunch (Germany)

TKKG and the Mysterious Mind Machine (Germany)

We Can Be Heroes (Sweden)

Short Film Competition

Capture (SMP Madania)

Bully X (Dito Alas, Junior Development Jaya)

Rare Receh (Miftahun & Rice Eka Artha, SMPN 4 Karangmoncol)

Experience bullied (Thalia, SMPN 173 Jakarta)

No (Adrila Princess A)

Please download the schedule of events and film screenings here and for complete information can be found at the official website KidsFfest Indonesia 2012.

KidsFfest Indonesia 2012 Enters Fourth Year

KidsFfest Indonesia 2012 Enters Fourth Year

KidsFfest Indonesia again held on 27 to 29 April and 4-6 May 2012 at Blitz Megaplex and the step on the screen format in Blitz Atrium, Grand Indonesia. The festival is entering the fourth year of its implementation, and this time the theme “Say No to Bullying”. Blue Sky movie works Lasja F Susatyo of Indonesia will open a film festival for children and adolescents aged 6-15 years and closed movie Lionel works of Mohammed Soudani of Switzerland. Tickets for film screenings at the Blitz Megaplex for Rp25.000,00 while the playback screen Plug in Blitz Atrium is free of charge.kidsffest-logo_article_berita

There are 15 feature-length films, both foreign and Indonesian, and five short films watch online movies Short Film Competition finalists will be screened. In addition to the opening and closing films, five feature-length films will compete for KidsFfest’s Award 2012, which assessed the three members of the jury Belia. While eight other films are films in the program, including the premiere of the film Cita-Citaku high as works of Eugene Panji Land of Indonesia. The whole movie is playing opportunity awarded KidsFfest’s Audience Award 2012 is based on the most widely selected as the audience favorite film.

Short Film Competition is an annual program KidsFfest the arena for young filmmakers aged 12-15 years in the work. This year there are about 25 short films were entered, which according to Fauzi Adella, publicist KidsFfest, more than in previous years are usually below 10 films. Short Film Competition to judging is done by Nia Dinata well as providing direct input to the filmmakers.

KidsFfest also apply Belia jury system which not only aims to involve children actively in this festival, but also that assessment assessed the Best Film of the glass eyes of children. This year, the jury consists of Muhammad Jihad Belia Rahtomo Soekarno (Highscope School, 13 years), Cody Isaian McClendon (Pelita Harapan School, 15 years), and Halimma Arini Saraswatia (Garuda Scholar Junior High School, 12 years). “Children are chosen as jury Belia are children active activities in the school and its environment, achievement, bold speech and of course love the movie,” said Adella. To assess, they are given guidance on what needs to be assessed from a movie like plot, music, directing, acting player, and a few other things.

In addition to film screenings, KidsFfest also held a workshop each year that manufacture subtitles followed 50 participants from the two schools are elementary and junior Butterfly Islam Tugasku. This workshop involves a professional mentor from the Netherlands that is Petra van Dongen, who is also the Festival Programmer KidsFfest. There is also dubbing the film workshop this year in collaboration with Indovision with Gery Puraatmadja mentor and attended by 30 participants.

KidsFfest also initiated a new program called “Project Kid Doc”, a program to encourage the children of professional documentary filmmakers in Indonesia. Two documentary filmmakers child experts from Germany and the Netherlands were invited to share his experience with a group of documentary filmmakers options: Ucu Agustin, Angky Ratulangi, Steve Pillar, Ray Nayoan, and Chairun Nissa. Each participant will develop a plan documentary short 15-minute children who in November will be selected three film projects by the mentor to be produced under the supervision of Nia Dinata. The end result of this program will be aired in the fifth edition of KidsFfest in April 2013. In addition, the documentary made through this program have the opportunity to be screened at the International Film Festival Children Cinekid and IDFA (the Netherlands) as well as doxs! in Germany in 2013. “Project Kid Doc” was organized through the initiative doxs! / Doc You (Germany), Cinekid / Kids & Docs (Netherlands), Goethe Institute, the Royal Netherlands Embassy / Erasmus Huis, and Kalyana Shira Foundation (Indonesia) ,

8 Simple Steps To Maximize SEO A Website

8 Simple Steps To Maximize SEO A Website

If you own a business and want to market it online, then one very effective marketing strategy today is to take advantage of search engines, such as Google. If your website / blog in the top 10 Google search results for the keywords that you aim, you can bet that your visitors will come from the search engines and most likely they will buy a product or use a service you sell through your website. Marketing through search engine optimization can be considered a marketing technique which is the most elite and effective because it is free and conversions are usually high.

To help your website in the top 10 Google search results, not an easy thing … hum is not too difficult, too. Already a lot of information on the internet that discuss tips and tricks so that an optimal site in search engines, especially Google. Some information there that provide tips optimization On Page and some are giving tips Off Page optimization. I tried to summarize in broad outline, what needs to be done to maximize SEO (search engin optimization) a website / blog.Memaksimalkan-SEO-Sebuah-Website

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Here are 8 steps that must be done to optimize the SEO of a website:

1. Keyword Research

When you will create a website for your business, you certainly do not make it just like that without a plan. The first step is very important and you need to do is find out how people type a keyword in the search engine Google to search for information that is needed. How to? You can research keywords using the Google Adwords: Keyword Tools, the service is provided by Google for free.

2. Use Domain Containing Keyword

Once the algorithm updates penguin ago some people say that the keywords on domain is a bad thing because it could be considered spam by search engines. I am not the master of SEO or have super skills in the world of SEO, but I quite understand that in the world of online marketing is a lot of people say things that are not as though they most certainly understand many things about SEO.

Actually domain does not have to contain key words, it is not a necessity. But by entering keywords in the domain of course will help search engines to determine the focus of the website created. For example, creating a web of SEO services provider or backlink services, could use a domain,,,, and others. While examples of domains that do not use keywords on domain usually are websites of these companies, such as,,,,, and others.

In essence keywords on domain is never harmful to your website, it only applies to sites of SPAM, and of course you do not plan to make a SPAM site, right? So, using specific keywords in your site’s domain is a good thing, oh yes I suggest to use the appropriate extension to the core business, for example dot com extensions to commercial sites.

3. Use Platforms Right For Your Website

Actually, no matter want to build your site using your preferred platform. However, if you want to create a site that is Google-friendly and user friendly then the WordPress platform is the best choice. In the WordPress platform we can also install various plugins that can help SEO activities and also help the look of the site to make it look better.

4. Use Permalinks Good

Make sure each of your posts permalink post title karenan contain permalinks were both very helpful in your seo activities. That is why I suggest using the WordPress platform as you will be easier to change the setting permalinks on WordPress. To post permalinks setting I usually use a custom structure like this /% postname% / or /%postname.html

5. SEO Plugins

As I said before, the advantages is that it can be installed WordPress plugins that can help support the SEO of your site. Some WordPress plugins that greatly helps the SEO of your website is:
– WP Yoast SEO or All In One SEO Pack
– Google XML Sitemaps
– SEO Friendly Images
– And others (to be discussed next dipostingan)

6. Quality Content

There is some debate about the quality content such as what, some say “the article at least 500 words,” and some say “the article at least 700 words”, the fact is there is nothing better than an original content. Create content for your readers, how to make your readers want to read all your content continuously. As already stated by the google itself that content is KING, then you should still update your site with original and interesting content for your readers.

7. Use Social Media

Era of digital technology today who does not know twitter, facebook, Google plus, etc … at least would know one of them. If you are reading this article and have not had one social media accounts, I think it was something “extraordinary” – indeed too: P. For owners of the site, has a twitter account and facebook is a must. Social media will not only help the SEO of your website, but will also increase visitors to your website.

8. Build Backlinks

Search engine algorithms will always change from time to time, but the important thing will never change in SEO is backlinks. The important thing to keep us consider when building backlinks for a website is build backlinks berkualiats. Use your spare time to build quality backlinks and needs to be performed continuously with gradual.

8 steps above is a strategy to maximize SEO a website and must be applied if you want to get attention from the search engines, especially Google. If you can not do the above or do not have the time to do it, you should hire a webmaster who understands SEO.

Hopefully this article can provide useful information about how to optimize your website SEO. If there is any input or questions please posted in the comments section :)

Breast Lifts – Improvement Without Implants

Breast Lifts – Improvement Without Implants                  Gravity  can be   a great  irresistible force.  even though   It is   undoubtedly  nice  It   The item   retains   us all  rooted  towards  planet,  The idea   furthermore   possesses   a good  habit  involving  pulling  things   straight down   in comparison with   when i   may then   similar to   more than  time.

Breast Lifts – Improvement  with out  Implants

Cosmetic breast surgery  is actually   one   of a   more  popular areas  involving  plastic surgery.  That  being said,  ones  controversy surrounding breast implants  may  make  anyone  pause  Whenever  considering  the numerous  enhancement  strategies  available.

Breast Lifts – Improvement Without Implants Continue Reading

Breast Implant Surgery for Beauty Elevation

Breast Implant Surgery for Beauty Elevation                  Breast implant surgery  has been  embraced  via  millions  involving  women  Around the  globe, despite  your own  medical  AND   social  controversies surrounding  your  procedure. Women’s’ breasts  because the   night out  immemorial  has been  eye candy  regarding  men  AND   the  source  of  pride  pertaining to  women.  absolutely no  wonder,  It\’s   furthermore  been  the  inspiration  pertaining to  much beauty  inside  literature.

Breast enhancement  is the  buzzword  of your   artistic  plastic surgery industry  IN ADDITION TO  breast implants  has become  heralded  AND   required   coming from  women  connected with  every shape, size,  ALONG WITH  financial background.  likewise  called mammoplasty,  an  breast implant procedure increases  your own   variety   of an  breast(s)  by the  placement  of the  implant  for the  chest, behind each breast. Changes  via   The load  loss, childbirth,  ALONG WITH  aging  will certainly  lead  a good  woman  for the  decision  in order to  undergo  a good  breast implant procedure.  AND   although   the   safety measures   of any  breast implants  have been   requested   on the  past, recent research  provides  concluded  The idea  saline breast implants  are generally   protected   to utilize   ALONG WITH   to be able to  receive.

Breast Implant Surgery for Beauty Elevation Continue Reading

Opening Nargis Chopshots

Opening Nargis Chopshots

images (1)

Film Nargis: When Time Stops Breathing (The Maw Naing and Maung Pe Same, Myanmar) officially opened the event Documentary Film Festival in South East Asia ChopShots 2012 in Haji Usmar Ismail Film Center, Wednesday (5/12). The story is about the condition of the Ayeyarwaddy Delta, Myanmar after cyclone Nargis struck for thirteen hours and killed forum cinemas  an estimated 140,000 victims. The film is also claimed to be the first long feature documentary films made by filmmakers Myanmar. “Not easy to determine the opening film. However, in this film, you can feel the sadness, joy, at once shocked, “said Marc Eberle in the introduction before the film begins.

Although the film-makers crew did not attend, but representatives of the participants DocNet Campus of Myanmar, Seng Mai, had told me a little about this film. “They managed to make this film (with all the difficulties they face), but at that time the public not many people know about the documentary and no place to play this movie. After four years of storm occurs, the film can only be watched in Myanmar. “Ulrike Schaz, mentor projects at once curator of this film to the program SEA Retrospective in ChopShots 2012, in the preface wrote that the film is recorded in a zone that is closed and bounded by the military government of Myanmar. Although it has been screened at 16 international film festivals, the film recently screened in Myanmar in September 2012, and at that moment Nargis played the first time with the real identity of the maker.

Seng Mai also added that at present, the opportunity to make a documentary in Myanmar are more open. “We can go out with a camera and recording. In the past, technology and education is lacking. People can stop and you get angry when you record. However, this time, they had better know that the camera is not going to hurt. ”

In addition to film screenings, opening ChopShots also enlivened by the band White Shoes and the Couples Company. Some judges like Riri Riza and John Badalu (Indonesia), and Enrique Sánchez Lansch and Christine Hille (Germany), also Khavn de la Cruz (Philippines), and Pimpaka Towira (Thailand) also attended the opening. Film Festival which took place in Jakarta its first edition, will take place for 5-9 December 2012 at Goethe Haus Jakarta, Kineforum, TIM XXI, and Binus International Film School. Information and a complete schedule of the festival can be found on the official website ChopShots.

DocNet Campus

In addition to the film festival, there are also DocNet Campus, class designated 20 documentary filmmaker invitation from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Four Indonesian documentary makers who participated were Ariani Djalal, Dewi Yanti, Eni Hidayati, Yudha Fitranto, and Yuli Andari. Tutor activity is Maren Niemeyer (German), Steven Seidenberg (England), Steve Warne (Australia), Paul Pauwels (Belgium). Masterclass activities which consist of co-production, storytelling, pitching, financing, and distribution has been ongoing since December 4 last, until December 6 morrow, in Kineforum and Art Cinema, TIM. On 9 December, will take place pitching forum. Best of DocNet Campus project will get a traveling grant.

Especially for Indonesia documentary makers who participated DocNet Campus, they also had the opportunity to participate in DocClinic. DocClinic aims to support Indonesia documentary filmmaker who has produced the first film successful. With the help of the Ford Foundation and DocNet Southeast Asia, In-Docs brings an international tutor for DocClinic this year. These tutors will closely cooperate with each participant and help develop their projects in pre-production stage. After the workshop, the participants will continue to produce their films with In-Docs supervision until the film is finished. This is the third DocClinic In-Docs offer since 2008.

For a list of participants in the DocNet Campus and each project that is being

Citra-winning 2012

Citra-winning 2012


It was not until a week before the Indonesian Film Festival an annual event, the two officials in charge of cinema in the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) replaced. Menparekraf Mari Elka Pangestu, Monday, December 4, induct nine echelon of the environment ministry.

This includes change of Director General of Arts and Culture-Based Creative Economy ukus Kuswara by M. Ahman Sya. Ukus then his new post as Secretary General of the Ministry.

While the Director of Film Industry Syamsul Lussa sworn in as Assistant to the Minister of Inter-Agency Relations and replace officials who have not been appointed. Secretary General of Arts and Culture-Based Creative Economy Mumus Muslim while being the task of implementing the Director of Film Industry.

Directorate General of Arts and Culture-Based Creative Economy and the Directorate of Film Industry Development is the new name after the Ministry of Culture and Tourism reorganized into of Ministry of Tourism movies near me and Creative Economy. Formerly known as the Directorate General of Culture Value, Art and Film, and Film Director.

Best Film

Heaven land … He said

Film director

HERWIN NOVIANTO (Land of Heaven … He said)

Original Story writer

Danial Rifki (Land of Heaven … He said)

Scenario writer

Honestly Prananto (House in Thousand Waves)

Steering Cinematography

Yudi Datau (Dilemma)

Artistic Director

Ezra Tampubolon (Land of Heaven … He said)

Image Editor

Cesa David Luckmansyah (House in Thousand Waves)

Sound Stylists

Satrio Boediono (House in Thousand Waves)

Playground Music

Thoersi Argeswara, Gung Alit Bona (Land of Heaven … He said)

Main actor Men

Donny Damara (Lovely Man)

Main actors Women

Acha Septriasa (Test Pack, You’re My Baby)

Male Supporting Actor

Fuad Idris (Land of Heaven … He said)

Female Supporting Actor

Lina Marpaung (Demi Ucok)


Wan An (Yandy Laurens, FFTV IKJ)


On the Limits of Power (Nur Fitriah Napiz)


Young Talent

Dedey Rusma (House in Thousand Waves)

Short Films that Reflect Local Wisdom

Rare Receh (Miftakhatun & Eka Susilawati, SMP 4 Karangmoncol, Purbalingga)

Bicycle rack (Senoaji Julius, Yayasan Sahabat Gloria)

Jury awards the Documentary Category

A Short Story of Raden Saleh Syarif Bustaman (Subiyanto, FFTV IKJ)

“Bena” Exotic Megalithic (LPP TVRI)

What Happens In Social Media Accounts If Users Died?

What Happens In Social Media Accounts If Users Died?


If at this time the young people, including colleagues of all asked whether social media have an account? Almost certainly the answer would have. And the fact that more than 70% of the total access of #internet worldwide, all have social media accounts.

Related to the User the amount of social media continues to increase every day, tucked into a unique facts. Of an international survey reveal that the current mortality rate in the world reached 100 people every minute. Well than 100 people turned out 3 of them have a Facebook social media accounts.

Well, if multiplied by the mean in one day there are approximately 4300 Facebook account left by the owner. Then after abandoned by their owners, how the fate of unclaimed accounts that? If colleagues do not yet know, it turns out some social #media services have different policies treat unclaimed account is. Want to know the full information? Here’s his review.

1. Social Media Accounts Facebook

When a user dies, the company is pioneering Mark Zukerberg has several options that can be done. The first option is a feature called, yard Memorial. Just like a book of memories, Memorial pages can be used by the family or the people closest to the account owner to post the various issues related to the owner of the account. Generally displayed on the page is a photo, video until condolences can be a last souvenir of the deceased.

With the first option, essentially the owner’s account will not be deleted and unpunished. But if you want to delete the account, a family may request the parties to close the account #Facebook by attaching the condition that the account owner’s death documents and information from the family. Later username accounts that have been validated deceased, can be reused by new applicants.

The second option is that the Legacy features Contact. Well for this one feature already been discussed, the user can set to determine to whom the rights will be granted access to the account when we are gone. That way, when one day the owner of the account is confirmed to have died, automatically access the account will be given to the heir.

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2. Social Media Twitter account

#Twitter To social media, the measures taken were quite different. As it is known that Twitter has the provision that an account is not activated for more than 6 months it will receive the account closure warnings.

Well indirectly, if a Twitter user dies and no action whatsoever from the family for 6 months then the account will be closed automatically. But if you want to accelerate the process of closing the account, can be done by sending a formal request accompanied by documents of death of the account owner. Shortly after the submission process is approved, the account username tersebutpun automatically deleted and can not be reused.

But there is an interesting, a service called LivesOn provides an opportunity for us to continue to account tweeted even though we’ve gone later. How can? With access to an account owned, will LivesOn system will continue to send tweets based on the pattern of the tweet-tweet that you have created before. Seems quite interesting and frightening.

3. Social Media Google Plus Account

In general, the policy implemented by Google’s social media is almost the same with Twitter. The difference is as we know that basically the entire service owned by Google, includes the # Google +, Gmail, Youtube, Google Drive and other services integrated into one.

After that we can set yourself a maximum limit of non active period of our account. Through Inactive Account Manager feature, ration periods of inactivity your account can be set no later than the 9 months. Freelance, all #Google services including account owner will be automatically removed.

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Just like other social media, if the family wants the account is removed more quickly, can be done with the requisite documents submission closing the account owner’s death. Shortly thereafter, Google Plus account will be deactivated. Tersebutpun account username can not be reused by others.

Thus, the policy of some popular social media services related to the account of non-active because its owner had died.

Having a social media account does provide a lot of benefit to us if we could use it in a positive way. Wherever even when we are gone, unclaimed account is seemingly could be a meaningful memento for the relatives we left behind.

Elegant, Modern Minimalist House

images (65)


The Terms Of The Minimalist House
Modern minimalist house models are simple and dynamic when viewed from the side of the House, especially for interior design, minimalist House main core. Departing from the design here is really minimalist not only limited to specific rules or the handle. Not only that, the minimalist concept synonymous with simple and unequivocal impressiveness doesn’t make house design seem ‘ arrogant ‘. To realize the pure, minimalist House, minimalist house design must meet the following criteria:

Dominant Colours White and grey
In terms of the choice of the color of modern minimalist house design almost certainly implements a minimalist white color as well as the dominant color. As a complement or accent usually use elements of wood and metal, gray, or use the color black. Special interior spaces, minimalist home decoration accessories there are many types such as painting, calligraphy, and works of art. Quite often there is a wallpaper on the walls, but not too many patterns and motifs.

Kitchen Set and  keramik lantai dinding kamar mandi
For the minimalist kitchen space generally apply the same color as the other space, that is white. The reason is clear that in order to make the kitchen look clean and neat. Modern minimalist house design on two floors of this section usually also come with a kitchen set with similar colors. Not only for the storage of kitchenware and cutlery, the placement of the kitchen set was able to make the kitchen look more luxurious, modern, and berestetika.

Minimalist Home Garden and Plants
Children may be less exposed to clear on a minimalist home, but this section also includes an important component in modern minimalist homes. Too many garden flowers and plants are also not too good in fact it is often regarded as a mistake. Examples of plants that fit the character of minimalist house i.e. cacti, plants or neutral-colored flowers.

Modern Minimalist Home

unduhan (43)


Quite relevant if we interpret as a modern minimalist house with furniture and ornaments minimimal, but more dynamic, appropriate, and functional. Recalling the basic principles of minimalist house itself more to maximize functionality and minimize decoration, so it is natural if most people prefer this type of house model because in terms of making it seems does not require excessive budget. With this at least we can see from the image or photo of a modern minimalist house where the House is synonymous with vertical lines and horizontal, combined with the domination of neutral colors such as white, gray, black, and beige and   gambar desain rumah minimalis sederhana lantai .

But keep in mind, not all homes with features such as the present can be considered as minimalist house. Sometimes even the word “minimalist” to be followed by a minimalist budget but too far from the truth. This is the cost to build a House that is said to be not fully comparable with a minimalist cost which should be minimal. Not uncommon for home building with the unit cost of construction should be minimalist tend to be more expensive than homes without a minimalist concept. Well, to anticipate spending the funds don’t have to while getting a modern minimalist home in the sense that actually, there are certain criteria that must be met in a minimalist house itself.

Modern minimalist house picture usually only shows the physical form of the building from the outside while the interior is still lacking. So here also should be informed that the minimalist House, especially the inside, there are many areas that are more open, and is dominated by a large wall. In a minimalist house itself usually use a natural light including a top priority. That is the type of the House a more open areas are visualized on the Windows and vents of large size. Purpose is to make the overall room supply gets enough light and facilitate air circulation. Minimalist house there is not much plot. In other words, everything is designed to tighten and straight from front to back.